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We are ready to take on your organization's cyber security.


We define cyber security education as a series of tasks ranging from theory to practice and gaining experience in the professional world.

Penetration Testing

To protect you, we perform security testing on your hardware and software in a controlled, aggressive manner.

Research & Development

We produce innovative software solutions needed in the field of cyber security with our own resources.


Cyber Security Services

Penetration Testing

You can increase the security of your organization with penetration testing. We are ready to take on your cyber security with our red team!

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With our cyber security training programs, we provide beginner or advanced level trainings according to your demands.

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Cyber Incident Response

You are not alone in the face of cyber attacks and threats. We are with you as a process manager in cyber incident processes.

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DDoS Testing and Protection

We perform tests on your infrastructure to prevent interruptions in your services and provide consultancy on protection from attacks.

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Source Code Analysis

We analyze your source code and report vulnerabilities to tighten the security of your software.

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Other Services

We are ready to meet all your needs with our cyber security services that we will prepare specifically for your needs.

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Web Application Firewall


HARES protects web applications from attacks such as injection and denial of service attacks by filtering abnormal or malicious traffic by performing a detailed analysis on the traffic of web applications.

The anomaly detection algorithm we have developed autonomously detects attacks with artificial intelligence decision support mechanism, takes necessary actions and ensures uninterrupted service of the web application.

Cyber Range Platform


It is a cyber training platform equipped with content specific to all levels prepared for those who are new to cyber security or those who are competent in the field.

We combine the instructor-less training model with all other supporting sub-programs, such as the task system, on the cyber range platform.

  • Experience Gaining Tasks
  • Educational Simulations
  • Interactive Trainings
  • Competitive Competitions
  • Communities

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