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What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing is the process of identifying potential vulnerabilities in your organization's IT infrastructure by simulating real-world cyber attacks.

It reveals vulnerabilities, weaknesses and risks that can be found in possible attack surfaces that an attacker can exploit, such as a local network, the internet or a web application.

Unlike a vulnerability scan, it is done by cybersecurity experts as if they were a real attacker.

Why should you have a penetration test?

Preventing data leaks

Exploring potential risks

Protection of corporate reputation

Test the capabilities of security devices

Complying with legal obligations

Maintaining business continuity

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Types of Penetration Testing Approaches

Penetration testing is divided into different types of approaches based on the degree of information and authorization provided by the organization to the team performing the test. These types of approaches directly affect the methodology and cost of the penetration test.

White Box

The team that will perform the test is given all kinds of information and authorization about the entire system.

Grey Box

The team that will perform the test is partially informed and authorized about the system. 

Black Box

The team that will perform the test collects the information about the system itself and performs the test. The organization does not share information or authorize the system.

Step by step

Penetration Testing Process

We identify the risks that may arise in your IT infrastructure in a 6-step process with expert ethical hackers and provide a detailed report.

Step 1

Scope Identification

Your IT infrastructure such as the devices, networks, websites you want to be tested and the type of penetration test are determined.

Step 2

Information Gathering

By collecting data about your organization and IT infrastructure, we get to know your system better.

Step 3


Using the data we collect, we perform vulnerability/risk scans with our expert staff and professional software.

Step 4


We try to exploit the vulnerabilities and risks we identify and determine their potential impact.

Step 5


We report the risks, vulnerabilities and weaknesses of your infrastructure in a detailed document. We also include solution suggestions in our report.

Step 6


After the test phase, we want to check your improvements and make sure you are safe.

Would you like to have a penetration test?

With our expert ethical hacker staff, we look forward to reporting your vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure before malicious attackers find them.

"There are two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked."

Robert Mueller,
FBI Director, 2012

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