General Qualifications

  • Completed undergraduate or associate degree education or a final year undergraduate student,
  • Regardless of the department they study at university,
  • Experience in HTML, CSS and Javascript,
  • Able to do responsive development,
  • Have previously developed projects using one of the frameworks such as VueJS, ReactJS and Angular,
  • Preferably knows ReactJS,
  • Knows the concept of REST API,
  • Preferably fluent in English,
  • Prone to fast learning,
  • Loves research,
  • Prone to teamwork,
  • Preferably experienced about back-end technologies,

Our basic principles are that the projects we develop are not only safe and fast, but also user-friendly, look modern and have maximum user experience. In this direction, as a front-end developer, our biggest expectation is that you comply with these priorities.

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    Front-End Developer

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